Friday, May 21, 2010

Navy Murderer

Just a few more things about Philip Charles Rivers, whose family hailed from modern day Myanmar, and Edna, 49, who hailed from the Philippines and worked as a nursing assistant at a nursing home.

Philip Rivers told the court at his sentencing that he wanted the American dream, meaning that Edna should hold on to her Asian heritage, while becoming a modern American woman.

But Edna was not having it, he said.

She gambled, used physical force with their daughters and once even, "beat up my mom real bad," Rivers told the court.

He pushed her to go to school and get a good career, he said, but she never went.

"I don't expect my wife to be my servant," Rivers said. "I just wanted her to be sucessful."

At his sentencing, he spoke of the times that Edna would call his commander and complain of domestic violence. Each time, he would be relieved of his sidearm and relieved of his watch.

Rivers was frustrated, and claimed that Edna was violent and pulled knives on him.

"If I would have planned to kill Edna, I would have done that a long time ago, Ma'am," he told Riverside County Superior Court Judge Judith Clark.

But as his family life lay in ruins around, the situation was summed up by the couple's youngest daughter, Angela, who was about 14 at the time of the sentencing.

"I cannot believe my own father murdered my own mother," the young Angela said.

"He should know better not to do that."

Edna's aunt, Esther Perana, who traveled from the Philippines to speak before the sentencing, called Rivers a "ruthless killer," barbaric," and a "despicable, scum of the earth animal."

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