Monday, January 26, 2009

Actors, Athletes and (music) Artists

Seriously, what great good do musicians, actors and athletes do to deserve the millions of dollars they get in salaries, royalties and signing bonuses?
Athletes at least get banged up for their bucks but still...if I did not do my job right every week, I would not have a job and these guys, (football and baseball) get millions for losing....on a regular basis. And I love love love movies but 12 million for one flick? really? how are these actors saving any lives or helping humanity? and the people that write the stuff don't get nearly as is unfair and unequal and a huge part of the U.S. money troubles. Most of us are struggling, while your Brad, Jennifers, Gwyneth, Gwen and Angelina get beaucoup bucks and not one life is saved by their movies or cds.

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