Monday, April 6, 2009

Well It's Been Awhile

Haven't really been around much.

Mainly because I don't have a lot to say.

I just don't know what people want to read.

For my Job, I write stories about crime and prosecution.

Interesting...But I want to have something interesting to say about everyday l'
life that is just, well, life.

I am from New York City and I remember soda machines in the subway.

I remember seeing an Automat, where people put in coins and got food.

I never went in though.

All night Greek delis where you could get breakfast, lunch or dinner all day long and the food was always good.

Greenwich Village during several eras....

The golden angels at Rockefeller Center..

A newsstand near Rockefeller Center where one could buy nickel bags of

Kosher Pizza, n0t good.

Sbarros, Papaya King, Orange Julius and Chock full'o'nuts restaurants

The Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park in Brooklyn and every part of Central Park.

Morningside Heights. Columbus Avenue and East River Drive.

The West End Bar near Columbia University, where I went to school. NYU,

where I almost went to school but didn't (but went to hang out with my sister and her friends, who did attend) and Joseph's Italian and Uruguyan

leather shoes on Eighth Street in the Village.

Just some memories of NYC as I was growing up and a young adult.

Been out West a long time. I like it...cause NYC is not the same.

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