Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bludgeoning Husband

Investigators determined Kelle Lee Jarka was the kind of man that liked the world to see him as successful. a man who had everything. And he had everything. A wife that stood by him, a lovely daughter and a brand-new sun.

The weekend before he killed his wife, in the view of his baby (who may or may not remember snatches of the horror), the Jarkas had gone down to San Diego to entertain people on their boat.

The night before he slew his wife, the couple had received counseling from an elder of their church because Isabelle was thinking of leaving her husband.

Prosecutors and homicide investigators said Jarka was broke. That is why he took out insurance policies on his wife worth $1 million just days before Isabella Jarka's death.

However, his brother-in-law, said Jarka's worth was at $100,000.

"He's been accused of a terrile crime," said Bill Schafer, whose wife is Jarka's sister.

"He did not commit it. The sad part is the person who did this is still out there."

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