Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bludgeoning Husband

Kelle Lee Jarka, just weeks before he beat his wife to death, had gone online to check about the logistics of smothering someone to death with a pillow.

Okay, so investigators could not determine that Jarka himself had looked up pillow smothering.

But it was his computer. Did someone sneak into his house at night, boot up his computer and then start surfing on ways to kill someone?

About his house. Jarka lived in a two-story house. probably about 4,000 square feet, in a quiet , middle class neighborhood of Murrieta, Calfiornia.

Murrieta is small city in Riverside County, California. A well=to-do town where pretty much eveyrone is middle class.

But Jarka was drowning in debt, according to investigators.

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