Friday, May 14, 2010

Bludgeoning Husband

During his sentencing, Kelle Lee Jarka, convicted of beating his wife to death at their spacious Murrieta, California home, wept and insisted he was innocent of killing Isabelle.

Jarka spoke of his love for his family and the horror of coming home and finding his wife of more than a decade dead in the doorway of the couple's bedroom.

'Tragically, I've been accused of this horrendous crime, and that sickens me," Jarka told the court prior to his sentencing on Nov. 6, 2009.

"I experienced the worst thing ever in my life. Coming home and finding my wife, my love, murdered."

The six-woman, six-man jury took about 4 hours -- over a two-day period -- to reach its guilty verdict.

Jarka had told investigators that he had gone out very early for coffee and baby formula and surveillance footage from a local coffee shop and a drug store showed he had gone to those places.

But the baby did not need any supplies, investigators determined, and scratches on Jarka's SUV indicated that the lock on the side door of the Jarka's garage, presumably the point of entry for the killer, had been broken while Jarka's Lexus sat in the garage.

His Lexus was caught on tape at the time that Jarka told police he believed the burglary and the murder had been committed by a random stranger.

Murrieta police Detective Andrew Dorcas testified at Jarka's trial that he felt the crime scene had been staged.

A ladder was found outside the house but no impressions were left in the soil, impressions such as the ones left when the detective climbed the ladder.

Drawers in the ktichen and the bedroom were pulled out but they were too neatly stacked to indicate a real burglary.

"Typically they're thrown across theroom or in disarray, not neatly stacked or placed," Dorcas said.

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