Friday, May 14, 2010

Bludgeoning Husband

Okay now that the straight stuff has been written, let's get down to brass tacks.

Really? Kelle Lee Jarka, you thought you could get away with it? And did you not know that forensic experts can track where you have been on a computer, there are surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE and oh yes, experts can figure out that you cracked open your locked door with your Lexus sitting in the way of the door so paint chips and scratches would come from said door.

I'm just saying, really? how clueless is this guy?

SOMEONE wrote on his computer, asking how long would it take for a person to die while being smothered with a pillow.

I guess the alleged burglar stopped in, pulled up the Net and then surfed for ways to kill the woman upstairs..But didn't take the computer, cause hey, it is probably worth a cool $500 at a pawn shop..

Then the burglar goes upstairs, and bludgeons the victim as she sleeps..You see, she AWAKENS to being killed. Detectives found blood spatter on her pillow.

Then she tries to get away, presumably screaming, and is finished off in the DOORWAY of her bedroom.

And the husband says he comes home and finds her there, her head literally soaked in blood.

But does he call the cops screaming his wife has been injured? Does he demand an ambulance and incoherently explain that his wife is not moving, is bleeding and hey, looks dead?

No, he says his home has been burglarized and hey, by the way, he thinks his wife may have been killed.

Now the defense says, well, he was on the phone with the dispatcher, he was taking the baby to his grandma's home across the street and his adolescent daughter was in the doorway with grandma.

The defense said he didn't want to blurt it out in front of his daughter, which makes sense, but then why not make the call before his daughter even sees him that morning and picks up on the tension?

Because he is an idiot..and that is why they get caught, because they are stupid and they want to be stupid and they want to stay stupid.

I'm just saying.

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