Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gypsy Con

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My next few posts will be about an American Gypsy (No really, that is what they call themselves) who killed a man with a hammer, after the victim surprised the suspect while said suspect was burglarizing his home.

This guy is unbelievable. Tony Ricky Yonko grew up traveling from carnivals to carnivals with his family.

His father was a rough man, his mother had some mental problems. Yonko came from a large family and one of his sisters was named Champagne, the other, Chardonnay.

That should tell you a little about the mother.

Yonko had grown up stealing, conning and lying. He did not have education, was semi-literate at best but sure could count when before a judge who was trying to work out a sentencing formula.

Sharp as a tack, but legally retarded (that is a court term, not mine) Yonko had never really engaged in much violence, just using puppies as an excuse to get into homes and steal.

According to the prosection, Yonko, also known as Sonny Banana, did take part in the assault and robbery of a young woman in L.A. years ago but it was never really clear whether the then-teenager and his cousin actually paid the woman for sex in their van.

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