Friday, June 11, 2010

Deputy Batters Wife,, Threatens Mayem, She Still Loves Him

Wow, this is a good one.

It is about a woman who gets her ass kicked by her Riverside County Sheriffhusband and stands at his side during the whole process of his prosecution.

Ronald Eugene Griffith was 47 when he pleaded guilty last September to making criminal threats, spousal abuse and battery on emergency personnel.

He told his wife, Cynthia, that he would cut her up into little pieces, put them in a vat of acid to dissolve and then drive around the desert with the drain valve on the drum slightly open to to leak her remains onto the desert floor.

Nice guy, wot?

So what does the judge do when the guy pleads guilty just before trial?

The judge sentences the felon to three years probation, two days in jail and 360 hours of community service.

And it is not until he is actually convicted that his paid administrative leave is discontinued and he is drummed out of the department.

How do you like that folks? Sworn to protect and serve and the only thing he protects and serves are his own interests.

What do you want to bet that he still owns guns, though under the terms of probation he is not allowed to do so?

How about that slap on the wrist by the judge, the Honorable Mark A. Mandio?

And oh, yes, let's not forget the woman who walked hand in hand out of the courthouse with her beating, battering, mayhem-threatening husband who will probably do it again?

Ain't it grand folks, the workings of justice?

Yeah, grand.

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