Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loser Gets Century Plus Prison Time For Attempted Murder

What a loser this guy turned out to be but then, it should not have been a surprise, with his past.

Raul Augustine Silva was convicted at 42 years of age in December 2006 of attempted murder, assault and burglary during the early morning hours of Jan. 31, 2004.

He pistol-whipped, shot, beat and kicked his ex-girlfriend at a Lake Elsinore apartment.

Dinorha Martinez was staying with her sister in the apartment at the time of the attack, according to testimony in the defendant's case.

She was 27.

She cowered in the bedroom as Silva pistol-whipped her more than 10 times. He shot Martinez twice at close range, then dragged her from the apartment by her hair and kicked, beat and shot at her again, according to testimony by Martinez's sister, Tania Martinez.

"He said he came here to kill her and he'd kill me too," Martinez testified.

There were children in the house at the time of the assault.

Dinorha Martinez spent several weeks in a coma and her family discussed taking her off life-support, a bullet stayed lodged in the base of her collarbone.

The victim testified that she has lasting effects from the attack and suffers from constant pain.

Silva attacked Martinez because she had broken off the relationship, according to the prosecution.

The defendant had three prior strike felony convictions, was a drug addict.

What a piece of work this guy is...Makes you wonder what a woman would see in this waste of space. This goes beyond being a bad boy. It is more like being a psychopath.

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