Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Knew The River Could Be So Cold...

... when the land is so hot?

Hi folks,

It was 114 degrees in the shade in Laughlin, Nv. this weekend and impossible to stay outside on the beach without going into the Colorado River.

The river has a strong current but there were plenty of lifeguards at Harrah's Resort and all the lounge chairs were sunk in the sand right into the water, so that you could sit and put your hot feet into that refreshing liquid.

Drinking a blueberry vodka with pink lemonade and lots of ice was outstanding as well.

When it got too hot, you just slide off your chair and go into the river, where you see big fish and ducks.

For a fee you can rent a jet ski or wave runner and tool up and down the coastline.

Pretty much when you go to Laughlin in the summer, take your bathing suit and live on the river during the day. The only way to survive...and what a pleasant existence it is.

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