Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone

I went to a protestant (read Christian) church service last night, and though it was very different from the usual Roman Catholic midnight Mass services to which I have been accustomed since a very small child, I found that it was still rewarding and comforting.

I must admit, I was a little shocked when I walked into, not a church as I know them to be, but an auditorium, with chairs, a stage and two large television screens.

However, the singing was magnificent and the message was the same. The Christ was born in order to save us from ourselves and He worked hard bring the light of love into the world.

I am sorry to say that even though it is shocking to know what the Ass King Herod (may be rot in hell forever) did to the Jewish babies while searching for Jesus, we in today's world should not feel superior to ancient kings and Romans.

The atrocities are still occurring and children are dying as we speak.

Okay, but the good news is that, we have the rest of our lives, starting from this moment, to redeem ourselves and the human race.

Sure I would like to go and personally knock some sense into those horrible dictators who are recruiting boys to shoot people, using rape as a weapon and committing genocide as fast as they can.

I mean, the Arabs in the Sudan and trying to kill off all the Africans? Helloooo, it belongs to the Africans.

But I digress. I cannot go kick ass, but I can pray and I can get on my soapbox and I can see to it that I do kindnesses as often as I can to others because believe you me, that love spreads, like the butterfly effect.

One last thing I want to say. I say a docco on the gospel of Judas, which they recently verified as having been written sometime in the second century, which would put it about 180 AD.

In it, the writer says that Judas saw Christ as He was, which was an enlightened and spiritual being in human form. He was told to betray Christ as part of the grand plan and supposedly he was the only one whose spirit could face that divinity of Christ that was shining through the human form.

Lots of theologians scoff and say that the for gospels we do have are fine. But really, I have always taken offense with Bishop Iraneous' contention that anything he personally did not include in the new testament was heresy..

Now I think I would have been a gnostic in the ancient times, because that new testament was put together for sheep, not thinking, enlightened people. Certainly not women, since it has been misogynistic from the first, as is the Catholic church.

I believe we have to think for ourselves and not just take the word of a mortal man, or mortal men, who try to tell us what our faith is about.

And no way can I follow a pope who was once a Nazi (and headed the office which once carried out the Inquisition, so that is a huge issue for me.

The more I learn, the more I realize I know next to nothing but I do know this: No one is Rome is going to tell me how to commune with my God and how to be saved by Christ.

That's all she wrote.

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